Infertility Timeline

April 2014- Start “trying”

August 2015- Referred by OBGYN to see Dr. Bidwell (reproductive endocrinologist aka infertility specialist)

September 2015- Diagnosed with severe male factor infertility and given at <1% chance of conceiving without in-vitro fertilization with ICSI (eggs individually fertilized outside of the body in a lab.)

December 2015- Proceed with IVF testing. Saline Sonogram negative, ok to proceed.

January/February 2016- Tests, ultrasounds, labs, and meds – oh my! IVF with ICSI compete with 5 embryos.

February 14, 2016- Two 3 day old embryos were transferred back to my uterus with the hopes that a pregnancy would results, unfortunately that did not happen. 2 Embryos were able to be frozen on day 6 for a future attempt.

April 22, 2016- Two 6 day old (no longer frozen) embryos were transferred back to my uterus with the hopes that a pregnancy would result. Our first blood levels were low, but did indicate pregnancy. 2 Days later a phone call indicated the pregnancy would likely not last and by the end of the week a miscarriage was confirmed.

May 2016- Met with our doctor and discussed our options going forward. There is a possibility that there is poor egg quality which contributed to low fertilization. We discussed embryo adoption and decided to forgo another IVF cycle to pursue embryo adoption.

June 2016- After 4 weeks off of everything related to infertility we officially began pursuing embryo adoption and created a profile on

June 17, 2016- 3 days after posting that we were looking for embryos, we were contacted by a donor who wanted to donate 4/10 of their remaining embryos to us.

August 23, 2016- We became the proud parents of 6 frozen embryos.

September 13, 2016- New patient appointment with Dr. Craig from Fertility Treatment Center in Arizona