Moving Forward: Fertility Specialist Phone Consult

Recently I had my new patient appointment with my reproductive endocrinologist who is in Arizona. Having your first appointment with a fertility specialist is awkward, but plan on doubling the awkwardness if it’s a phone consultation. My anxiety level was through the roof waiting for the phone call that morning. “What if my phone dies? What if it doesn’t ring? Oh my gosh, do they have the right phone number?!” <— Just a few of the thoughts racing through my head.  Thankfully my phone rang and the battery didn’t die.

The consultation had 3 phases: history, options, and planning. Dr. Craig had most of my history already, but I did look up a couple lab levels for him. Based on that information he gave me my options. He was really pushing another round of IVF because I would likely qualify for a clinical trial which would drop the cost down to 10% of normal ($1,600 vs $16,000.) That made my heart skip a beat and think about it for about half a second, but then I remembered why I chose embryo adoption. I do not want to do IVF again and go through the stress associated with it. I updated Dr. Craig on our decision to use donor embryos and he switched gears. He obviously missed the part where I said we have donor embryos at his clinic because he started making plans to send me a list of donors. We finally got on the same page and moved forward.

The phone call went fast, and Dr. Craig was a speedy talker. I tried to keep notes and remember the general ideas, but I could NOT keep up with medications/supplements. My favorite part of the call was when he talked about success rates and how high they are at the Fertility Treatment Center. Dr. Craig referred to their embryologist (Dr. Tao) as their “secret weapon” because Dr. Tao has been number ONE in the country for success with frozen embryo transfers three or four years in a row. I wish I had written down more of their statistics, but I wanted to be present in the conversation.

I should be hearing from the IVF coordinator soon and we will potentially be traveling to Arizona as early as November! Dr. Craig said to arrive a day or two before the scheduled transfer and plan on staying 48 hours afterwards. I won’t have to be on bedrest, but he said to plan on being a couch potato. In addition to the big trip, I may have to make a smaller trip for an ultrasound. I’m hoping we can arrange to have that done in Ohio, but Dr. Craig wasn’t sure if that would be a possibility.

That’s all I know for now, but hopefully I’ll have some more details to pass on after I talk with the IVF coordinator.


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