It’s Official

Cliff hanger title… this better be good! Well I sure hope you think so, because I do. In one of my last posts I announced that we are officially matched with embryos. I’m hopelessly behind in all the events that have taken place with adopting embryos, so, here’s to hoping I can tie everything up in a neat little package with this post

In this post you were introduced to Summer, our embryo donor. She’s the greatest, seriously. In June, she and Mason (her husband) decided they wanted to donate four of their remaining 10 embryos to help us start our own family. I mean… how selfless is that?! We talked and got to know each other for a few days and decided it was a good fit.(Hey! When you know, you know!) We didn’t really know where to go from there, so I contacted my fertility doctor’s office.

Ring, ring, ring, “Yeah, this is Laura and I’m ready to adopt some embryos.” It didn’t really happen like that, but I did tell my IVF nurse what was up. I pictured everything going super smooth and free of complications, but what I got was the opposite. I ended the conversation in near tears. The nurse made it seem like I was doing something completely illegal (which it isn’t in case you were wondering) and they didn’t want to do the treatment in Dayton.  I let Summer know right away that we’d hit a snafu and she jumped in to action. Summer called the office where she had her treatments done and got the 411. Since her doctor and his staff are more familiar with embryo donation than mine, we decided we’d travel to Arizona for treatment.

Traveling to Arizona is definitely not my first choice. I just want to go to my doctor in Ohio, but I’ve come to grips with our new plan and the benefits associated with it. Each office has their own procedures in regards to freezing and thawing embryos, and if my Dayton doctors didn’t know how to thaw the embryos correctly the embryos could have all been destroyed (unintentionally.) What I’m most excited about though is meeting Summer, Mason, and the girls. It’s so weird that I’ve never even met one of my very best friends and can’t wait until I get that opportunity.

Since Summer was still very early in her pregnancy we just put everything on the back burner for a while, but in August she and Mason decided they were ready to move forward. On August 23, 2016 Summer and Mason gave us one of the best gifts we’ll ever receive– SIX frozen embryos. Now that the embryos are officially ours I am working to become a patient at the Fertility Treatment Center in Arizona.

How is this going to work logistically? Thankfully the team at FTC isn’t making me travel to see them to establish my “patientship.” I’ve released my records to them and I have a phone consultation set up with Dr. Craig. Once I am a patient I’ll learn more about when we can have our embryo transfer and how much it will cost. I have no idea what to expect out of this phone consult and am pretty nervous. Not only do I not know what to ask him, I don’t know what he’ll ask me.

Right now this is about as much as I know. I’m hoping that my phone conversation will fill in a lot more of the holes and that I’ll have more information for you guys soon. This was a very simplified version of what’s transpired over the last few months, but hopefully this helps you have a better idea of what is involved with infertility and embryo donation/adoption.


Our babies first pictures

Where the embryos are stored aka the nursery

Mason, Summer, and Augustine donating the embros


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