The Great Hunt – Breiel Church

Well… our church hunt is officially over. We spent the summer attending various churches (3 in total) as we tried to find a new place to call home. From the beginning, Breiel Church was set to be last on the list for several reasons. First, I attended Breiel and their youth group in high school and college. During that time I really liked it there, and after college I wanted Rob to leave GracePointe to attend church with me at Breiel. (However, the opposite happened and I went to GracePointe with Rob.) Second, we didn’t want to wonder what another church was like. We wanted to know that we had given other places a fair chance and then make our decision and fully commit to it. I knew that I would like Breiel and be happy there, so I was worried we wouldn’t try any more churches if we went to Breiel first.

Our first Sunday at Breiel Church was ok. I felt a little discouraged when we left feeling like we’d never find a church to call home, but we pressed onward. The turning point was when we attended the young adult small group – it was so great to meet people our age. In reality we are quite a bit older than some of the people in the small group, but it’s still awesome. The following Sunday, we saw one of the couples from the small group in service and sat behind them which led to us meeting more new friends. I cannot begin to explain how incredible it feels to show up to church and have friends again. Even while I write this, I can’t help but smile as I think of these people that have made us feel welcome.

The number one reason we picked Breiel is community, but there is so much more. The pastors are amazing, sermons are challenging, and I love that they strive to create spiritually mature people. We love that the music is blended so that there is something for everyone, and that the church is passionate about serving the community. Something else we liked is that even though we want to jump in, get involved, and meet people, we were encouraged to wait. We were advised to test the waters, stick our big toe in for a while and check out everything (youth, kids, etc.) before we make any big decisions on where to serve. It’s great to know that they aren’t so desperate for volunteers that they plug you in somewhere before you’re ready.

I’m excited to go to church again and sad when I have to miss. I’m ready to continue making friends and building relationships. I’m anxious to find “my place.” I’m so glad we’ve been led to Breiel Church for this season.



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