The Great Hunt- Four Corners

The Great Hunt

One of the hardest parts about trying to find a church in the summer is schedule changes. Before checking out Four Corners, I missed FIVE weeks of church in a row. That is so far from my normal, but between working Sundays and travel it was impossible to make it to church. Not only is it hard to attend when you’re galavanting about the tri-state and beyond, churches themselves aren’t doing their normal services. Pastors take vacation, VBS Sundays are happening, and church members are traveling. It’s hard to get a read on exactly what a church is truly like.

Recently we visited a church about 15 minutes south of where we live called Four Corners. The church building was so cool! The outside of the building was deceivingly small, but when you walked in you realized just how big it was. There was a parking section in the very front designated for visitors. We were immediately greeted by 5 people (not all at once) and directed to the free coffee bar (ummm, yes please!). We meandered around the lobby for a bit and decided to sit down in the “sanctuary” until the service started.

Our first clue that something was off was that service was supposed to start any minute and we were the only people in there. We obviously had gotten the start time wrong. I will say though, if you want people to know you are new to a church look completely lost. Stand in the aisle, look dazed and confused, and spin around a couple times trying to figure out a place to sit. Or just show up like 15 minutes early. We’ve done both (unintentionally) and both made us stick out like sore thumbs. But on the plus side we met people that made us feel comfortable.

At Four Corners it was Bubba that came to our rescue. He asked if we needed anything and offered to show us around the building. The children’s area was SO COOL! I absolutely loved it. The teens area was just as incredible and they put a big emphasis on the┬ástudents┬álearning how to run their own services. Definitely an A+ in regards to facility. (And an A+ to the friendliness of their attendees.)

The service was unfortunately just not for us. My husband described it as being “too sexy.” The senior pastor wasn’t there that week so I can’t comment on him, but from everything I’ve heard Pastor Ben is incredible. If you are looking for a church in the area I’d suggest checking out Four Corners at least once. Just because it isn’t for us doesn’t mean it won’t be for you. We are definitely wanting to stay as close to Middletown as we can so that plays a factor in our decision as well. TIP: Don’t forget to fill out the visitor card; we got a hand written card and a coupon for free Chick-fil-a!

If you remember what I wrote in my initial post about church “shopping,” you might be criticizing the fact that we only visited Four Corners once. Rob actually did visit Four Corners twice, and I would have been willing to continue visiting. Rob knew without a shadow of a doubt that the church wasn’t for him, so we didn’t want to spend more time at Four Corners when we could be trying to find a place that is the right fit for us. Our goal is to find a church to call home before the end of summer and time is ticking away (quickly I might add). Next up: Breiel Church in Middletown.


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