A Four Year Recap

Four years ago I made one of the biggest decisions of my life: I chose to marry Robert Dennis. I was terrified. Marriage can be hard. It can be scary; it can be great. We have had good times and bad times, but the last four years have flown by.  I love to think back and reminisce over what has happened when milestones happen, so here is a glimpse into the ups and downs of our last four years.

Year One


August 4, 2012

Year one officially started on August 4, 2012 at approximately 1:30 pm. We started off the year by honeymooning in Myrtle Beach, SC. Rob didn’t have a full time job, but we were trusting God would provide and He provided more than we needed. Rob was blessed with two long-term substituting positions that were perfect for our lives at the time. Marriage also meant being responsible for ourselves, cooking all our own meals, and paying all our bills. Not only did we get married, we also grew up and became adults. We traveled to Michigan to watch friends get married and it was confirmed that I am a terrible navigator. One of the best times was when we adopted our dog, Manny. At the end of year one we knew we could survive this whole marriage thing.

Year Two


Before Rob’s first night at GFS

Year two was off to a rough start. We vacationed in Myrtle Beach, SC again but it was a little more eventful this time. Rob came down with strep throat the minute we got there and had to make a stop at Urgent Care when his sore throat didn’t get better. Just when things started to look up, we both got stung by jelly fish. We couldn’t wait to get back home. Shortly after our trip to Myrtle Beach we got to drive down to celebrate Rob’s brother, Zach, and his marriage to Paige. Rob started a new job shortly after that with Gordon Food Service and worked night shift. I cried a lot. I missed him a lot. One of the first weekends we got to spend together after he started his job I cried the whole time because I missed him. “Umm… I’m right here, Laura.” We went days without seeing each other because of how our work schedules didn’t coordinate. It didn’t help that I had also changed jobs right before him and was experiencing a large amount of stress in my new position. A few months later I got a dream job and not long after that Rob found a new job as well, with normal hours. It was such a blessing that we finally had coordinating schedules and we had learned to truly enjoy the time we had together without fighting.

Year Three


My favorite spot on our trip to Nashville.

Year three was a great year! We travelled to Landrum, SC to watch Rob’s lifelong friend marry his beautiful wife, Brittany. We made a vacation out of it and went to Nashville, TN for the weekend after the mid-week wedding. I loved visiting The Belle Meade Plantation (I really need to scrapbook that) and if you are planning a trip to Nashville I highly recommend it. We took a big step and decided to start teaching the pre-school class on Wednesday nights at church and boy was that fun (sometimes). It was an otherwise quiet year, and that isn’t a bad thing.

Year Four


Embryo Transfer Day

This past year has been marked with trials and sadness, but it has strengthened our marriage beyond belief. We didn’t go on any trips this past year, but I did take a wonderful “staycation.” In September, just a month after our 3 year anniversary, we found out that IVF would be just about our only hope for having biological children. I’m thankful that God has kept my heart joyful (most days) and that I’ve been able to minister to others in this time, but it still sucks. We did adopt our sweet boy, Ford, but found out quickly he loves to jump the fence. We almost lost Ford 3 times so now we have to stay outside with our eyes glued to him at all times. Right when we started IVF, our world was shattered when our church began to be torn apart. Our IVF failed, we miscarried, and our best friends moved away. Our church was no longer the same and most of our friends left to find new churches. So did we.

As the year ends things are looking up. We still have relationships with previous church friends, maybe even closer ones. God has shown his providence and protection throughout our year of infertility. We are happy and joyful despite devastating circumstances. We are working towards finding embryos and trust that God will provide us the perfect children for us. We are thinking about buying a house. We have learned that waiting is hard, but life happens in the waiting season. We are closer than ever to finding a new church home. We both love our jobs. And most importantly we love each other. Doing life with Robert Dennis is the best. I can’t believe I was ever scared to get married. While it isn’t always perfect, it is always great. Here’s to year five being the best year yet! I love you, Rob.


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