Happy DOG-ust!

This morning it was brought to my attention that I missed my dogs’ birthday, which was apparently yesterday. That might make me a bad fur-mom, but I didn’t realize what days their birthdays were. We rescued both of our dogs from Cincinnati Lab Rescue after they were found as strays, so we had no birthdays for either of them. August first is (apparently) a day to celebrate all dogs who were adopted or rescued from shelters. My fur-babies fit perfectly in that mix, so in honor of their big day, here is a little shout-out to my pups.


We adopted our sweet Manny boy from Cincinnati Lab Rescue in 2013. He was found as a stray, was extremely skinny (you could see and feel every vertebrae), was missing most of his hair, and was the ugliest dog at the rescue that day. There was just something about him that drew me in and Rob just thought, “Really? That one?” We are so glad that we rescued Manny and he is a joy to take care of and love; he truly is part of the family.

Manny has the most expressive eyes and face you’ll ever see and will play frisbee until he drops dead (but we don’t let him). Manny is so athletic and enjoys walking and has even ran a 5K. He used to lift weights (8 pounds!) until we made him stop. Manny is such a comforter – when you don’t feel well he lays right with you and tries to make you feel better. He was a great friend while we worked opposite shifts and kept both of us company when we were home “alone.” Words cannot honestly convey how wonderful Manny is; we will never have another dog like him. We don’t know how old he is but we hope we get to have him for many more years. We love you Manny!


Adoption Day at Cincinnati Lab Rescue


Skin and bones


We finally got him fattened up! Then the vet said he needed to diet.


Pumping iron


Is it time for frisbee yet?


We decided to adopt a second dog to give Manny a playmate. He needs attention 24/7 so we thought a friend would be good for him. We went back to Cincinnati Lab Rescue and met our sweet Ford (he was named Jesse Davis “JD” at the time). He had such a sweet personality and seemed to be submissive, so we thought he’d be a good fit for a second dog. As we pulled out of the parking lot our car (a Ford Taurus) quit on us – hence the name Ford. Thankfully the car started working again and we made it home, but my grandpa suggested a better name would have been “Lucky.”

Ford is a sweet boy, but he sure is lazy. His favorite things to do are lay in his chair and stretch out in our bay window and watch the cars drive by. He wants nothing to do with being Manny’s playmate, unfortunately. He does enjoy getting out for his daily walk and will jump up and down when he knows it is time to go. Ford loves to eat and will drool all over the floor while you scoop the food into his bowl. Ford still has some puppy-ish traits but he seems to be growing out of them. He is a very intuitive dog and can tell when we are about to leave. When he knows we are leaving he will help himself into his crate without being told. Ford is the opposite of our athletic Manny and is completely uncoordinated. We love you Ford!


Welcome to your new home, Ford!


Ford in his chair. He’s the only one that sits in it.


Ford knows when it’s time to get in his crate without being told.


How much is that doggy in the window?


For a full list of pet holidays check out this website http://www.dogtipper.com


2 thoughts on “Happy DOG-ust!

  1. Kara says:

    We adopted our sweet Nahla girl November 2014 from Warren County Animal Shelter. She was found by the dog warden and brought in as a stray at 2 years old. She was positive for heartworm upon arrival so she had to undergo treatment for a couple of months before she was able to be out on the adoption floor. We went out on a limb and found ourselves at the animal shelter one Saturday morning (the 15th actually, I’ll never forget it ;)) Nahla (then known as Hazel) wasn’t in her kennel at the time we were walking through because she was out for a morning walk but there was something about her little bit of info posted that made me have to see her. When she returned from her walk, we immediately went to her kennel and asked if we could see her. She was timid at first. She was one of the only dogs in the shelter not barking. A little while later, we were on our way home with our newest fur baby – Nahla girl.

    She has been the greatest addition to our little family thus far. She’s the sweetest, most gentle, and loving dog we could ever ask for. She goes everywhere with us! She only barks when she’s scared. She’s terrible at fetch and doesn’t really like to swim (loves to just wade/lay down in the water) but an amazing companion! We’re so lucky to have found her and since adoption, she’s been heartworm free! We love her to pieces!


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