Miracles Waiting- An Honest Review

miracleswaitingIn my last blog post I tried to be upbeat about Miracles Waiting. I had just shelled out $150 to join, but in reality I was feeling anything but upbeat about it. I honestly was disappointed. That $150 could have paid for a few months worth of subscription to National Registry For Adoption, which it turns out I liked a lot better.

So why am I feeling disappointed? The Miracles Waiting site is clearly not the most up-to-date in terms of design when you check it out, but I had no idea how bad it would be once I was an “insider.” After getting approval to join the site I set out to explore the site and make my profile. Those two things sound easy, but the pre-2000 web design made the site incredibly hard to navigate. It took me the better part of an hour to even find how to create a profile. Shouldn’t there be a “create profile button?” I still struggle with figuring out how to log in to the site. Maybe I should clarify that I have grown up with computers and typically have no problem wading through a website; this one needs some serious help.

The other part of the site I’m not overly fond of are the profiles. They aren’t all that helpful, honestly. The donor profiles mostly discuss the treatment used to create embryos, donor ages at the time of embryo creation, and some physical descriptions of the donors. I want to know more! Not only will our future children look like these people, they may also have their personalities, medical conditions, interests, etc. I’m really disappointed in the lack of detail. Beyond that, very few (if any) donor profiles include pictures. Call me vain, but I want to know what the people look like.

Despite my general disappointment, I did read every donor profile on the site. I  didn’t feel all that connected with any of the donors and turned to a support group online for women donating/adopting embryos. The women on the site gave me the encouragement I needed and really stressed that I would “just know” when I found the right match. Many donors want to have an open relationship with the recipients, so we will be connected to them for the foreseeable future, so matching with a family we like is important.

Out of what I felt to be obligation, I emailed two different couples about their embryos. One couple emailed back to let me know they were already “matched” with another family, and I never heard back from the other couple looking to donate their embryos. I almost felt relieved that nothing had come from the donors I emailed.

I’m trusting that God is going to work this out perfectly and in his timing, but a little insight to the timing would be great. Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s how God works. And if you are reading this and looking for insight on where to turn for embryo adoption, try the site. It’s one review and my personal opinion. Don’t let me stop you from finding your perfect match. But if you are between Miracles Waiting and the National Registry For Adoption, I’d try NRFA first.





6 thoughts on “Miracles Waiting- An Honest Review

  1. Rebekah Signoretti says:

    My husband and I are also pursuing embryo adoption. (We have a similar timeline also.) I was devastated when I found out that my fertility clinic in Las Vegas didn’t have embryos available. God provided a wonderful clinic in CA that had many embryos available. I also would like to have an open adoption and I am praying that God will allow this to happen. We now are waiting on finances to transfer the embryos we picked out. (Which was hard to go choose with only characteristics and no pictures.) I know you had said you didn’t want to go through a clinic but, maybe there’s a larger city like Chicago or NYC that you could go through. This is the site that I used to find my clinic: http://www.embryoadoption.org/embryo-donation/where-to-donate-embryos/clinic-donation-programs/. (Although only one on the CA list had any available.)

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