We Are Live! 4 Reasons We Chose Miracles Waiting

Christian Couple Looking to Adopt Embryos (1)

Alright everyone… my last post was about how to find embryos to adopt and ended with us choosing Miracles Waiting. In case you didn’t read that, Miracles Waiting is a do-it-yourself, match-making website. Think “Match.com” for embryo adoption.

We chose Miracles Waiting for a couple different reasons
1. For a sign-up fee of $150, there isn’t much to lose if it doesn’t work out.
2. The website has a lot of great information to help get through the journey of embryo adoption.
3. Donor profiles are private until you join the site.
4. NRFA.org donor profiles are public and I didn’t see donors I immediately connected with that weren’t already matched.

When you register the administrators have 24-28 hours to give you approval before you can actually access the site. That was a hard wait, but thankfully it took MUCH less time. Once I had access I spent the evening trying to figure out how to navigate the site (more on that later) and create my profile.

My profile is now up and running and we are looking for our future “embabies” (“embabies” = embryo babies). There are profiles from couples all over the United States (and a couple of different countries!) looking to donate their embryos. I’m nervous that I’m not going to find the “right” match, but I did email two different families that could work for us.

We’ll see how it goes over the next few weeks/months. I’m trying not to get discouraged and to stay patient during this wait. Maybe it’s a good thing that I just started the “In The Wait” devotional – which I highly recommend by the way! Like I said above, if it doesn’t work out we haven’t really lost anything, but here’s to hoping it works out!









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