DisconnectedLife is busy, but lately I’ve come to terms with the fact that I waste a lot of time. I’m glad no one actually clocks the amount of hours (yes, hours) I spend each day on my phone. It’s addictive. It’s the first thing I reach for when my alarm goes off, and the last thing I touch before I fall asleep.

In an effort to re-do my to-do (read post here) I’ve cut down on my social media use. I actually went as far as to have Rob change my Facebook password. I crave getting on social media and seeing what everyone else is doing. But when I’m on there I find that it is incredibly boring, uninteresting, and depressing. So why do I keep doing it?

How is it that a device that is supposed to connect us has ultimately caused disconnection? Do you follow me here? We rely on our phones for entertainment. We need to have something to do constantly. If we didn’t have phones to entertain us what would we do instead? Maybe, just maybe, we could connect with a real person–even if it is someone you don’t know.

Have you ever had the intense need to check your social media of choice while you’re with friends? Why do we do that?! We are checking to see what our friends are doing while they are right in front of our faces! How do we break these habits? We’re trying to connect, but we’re really disconnecting. We need to be present in the moment, in the relationship.

I’m 27 years old. I didn’t have a smart phone until 22, but I had a Facebook account at 17, and a Myspace before that! That is a good portion of my life that I’ve been on social media. Here is something I read recently on a blogger’s site that spurred me to make a change:”Life was so much simpler without technology. We talked to each other more.  I’m making the effort to get back to that in my life and it has been so wonderful.  I love my family so much more than ever.  Without having a screen to look into, I see the lives of my loved ones.  I see faces with expressions looking back at me.  Real conversations do happen.”

So this summer I’m going to spend time making and growing real relationships. I’m stepping back from Facebook and Instagram in an effort to enjoy my life, not others’. I do this with the hope that I’ll connect with people on a new level, instead of creating a disconnect when I reach for my phone. I’m going to be fully present.



One thought on “Disconnected

  1. goroyboy says:

    Laura, it is interesting to hear this from you growing up with MySpace, and seeing the progression. This progression is not unlike my generation running to the mailbox to see if a letter arrived, or all wondering who is calling when the phone rang. As the social animals we are, we crave, dare I say, NEED social interaction yet as I take away from your post, all things in moderation:)


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