The Great Hunt – Our Journey to Find a New Church

The Great Hunt

People need to find a church home for a myriad of reasons. You may have never set foot in a church before and have a yearning to know more about God and his people. Or maybe you’ve moved and it’s just not realistic to travel to your church multiple times a week. Hopefully, you haven’t found yourselves in our position. We are looking for a new church due to differences that arose amongst the body of believers.

So now we find ourselves on a new journey, one to discover where we are supposed to worship for the next season of our lives. It’s a scary thing leaving the place you love, and the people you love, but they are not God. We do not worship a church (building or people). It is sad to be separated from our friends and fellow believers, but I believe God is scattering us for a reason.

As we begin this “great hunt” to find our new church family, my husband and I have laid down some ground rules to how the hunt will play out.

The first rule is we will give each church we try more than one week. Often times we judge a person, an event, a church, etc. by that first experience. You only get one first impression, so make it a good one! But what if we write off the church for us because they had an “off” week?  So that’s the plan… give each church at least 3-4 weeks (unless something was off theologically).

The second rule is that we will involve ourselves beyond just showing up, sitting by ourselves, and leaving as soon as service is over. We will show up early, attend Sunday School, and meet people. If you love the people you worship with it makes it easy to overlook things that may not be exactly what you want. Church = people.

We are starting our church hunt closer to our home, in Middletown. We want to stay close to where we live now so one day we’ll feel comfortable buying a home. I have a very small list of churches we want to check out. The best advice I ever received is to quit comparing the churches you visit to the one you came from. They won’t measure up because they are different. Each church has different strengths and weaknesses, you must take them each for what they are. The second part of the advice was don’t expect to have each of your criteria met to your exact specifications. You need to stop shopping for churches and just pick. So we aren’t going to church hop for months. We are going to follow where God leads us and settle in.

We are so excited to move on and find a place to heal and get involved. Being part of a church family is  very important to us. We hope we find a place that loves us and we love back. We hope we find a place that is worshipful and follows the word and will of God.

So that’s the plan; check back and see if we stick with it!


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